Welcoming Charles Latshaw to the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra

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photo by dmirvine photographyMaestro Charles LatshawThe new director of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra It has been an honor to work with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra over the past year as they selected a new director. Welcoming Charles Latshaw as he directs the Symphony tonight at 6:30pm, Ardrey Auditorium - be there, you will not want to miss it.


"Remoteness of People and Place" - at "Fifteen By Flagstaff"

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Story telling - 15 images, 30 seconds per image

Remoteness of People and Place

I will be one of five presenters this Thursday evening at Dark Sky Brewing on N. Beaver. This is part of the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival happenings here in Flagstaff. Something new and a bit vulnerable for me so come by and see if I crash into the depths of the abyss and burn or rise to the summits of people and place.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Dark Sky Brewing

FMFF Happy Hour at Dark Sky Brewery: "Fifteen By Flagstaff"

Join us as we host some of Flagstaff’s finest artists, and storytellers for the first Fifteen by Flagstaff Hosted by local filmmaker, Justin Clifton. Fifteen by Flagstaff is a fast paced slide presentation where presenters are challenged to share a story through exactly 15 slides with only 30 seconds per slide. Brevity is key as presenters are challenged to take the audience on a journey in only 7.5 minutes while providing a peek into their lives as we all enjoy a beverage and celebrate the diversity that makes Flagstaff a wonderful place to live

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Art Show - 15 years strong

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        Ancient Portal

Ancient PortalAncient Portal



Hey everybody!

My images have been chosen to be displayed in the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 15th anniversary Art Show.

You can see them this First Friday February 3rd in Dark Sky Brewing on Beaver.


They will be up for two months.


Hope to see you there,



These are large prints, so come and stand in front of each, imagining you are right at that spot.       












         Standing Alone

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And morning begins a new day - the shadows flee

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Moon Wind Stone and Shadow

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Moon Wind and StoneRemote Canyon after bedtime

As the night wore on the clouds of another storm system moved in...