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In search of the ancients...  



anasazi, sinagua, hisatsinom, "cliff dwelling", ancients"Pottery Shards"The scattered stone building blocks from the walls of this Hisatsinom alcove look like shards of pottery strewn about.

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Portrait of a young artist Meet young artist Leann Ashurst @desertroseleatherworks

Last Wednesday April 7th, 2021 we created these portraits for her up at Spider Web Camp, CO Bar Ranch where she works.

Leann creates miniature Ranch life paintings on leather for ball caps, pins and earings.

Her work is outstanding








check out her art on instagram or facebook @desert_rose_leatherworks






















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Family Portraits


Vic and Jaime Howell and their extended family are always fun and easy to photograph. We made this family portrait on a very windy evening out at Spider Web Camp on Babbitt's CO Bar ranch north of Flagstaff.

Contact us to get your family portrait.


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Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra head shots  The Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra has just posted the head shots of their wonderful contract musicians. Check out their website at

Images by dmirvinephotography.

Some of our amazing musicians Some of our amazing musicians Some of our amazing musicians






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The Painted Desert in rain On Tuesday Oct. 16, 2018 Beth Marie called and said we should go exploring some remote places. It was snowing in the high country and raining in the low, but it must be a day for an adventure. So we headed off.

 We made our way off the paved road and off the dirt road to a barely visible two track

We finally drove as far as we dared on the sand dunes and found our spot. With umbrellas and cameras we began walking in the mud and puddles of water towards the edge and misty vista. It was nice of Beth to have a bright umbrella.

All this water in the Painted Desert!

Water ColorThe second day of steady rain has created this amazing "water color" in the Painted Desert.

Chocolate waterfalls everywhere.

Beth ;-)

As we started to head back to the car, Beth said wow -look at that waterfall! We could not hike or drive around to it before dark so I got a few images using my tripod. The fall itself is about 100 feet high.

This is a closer view of it.

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In Search of Fall Colors Clouds are a nice addition to images. So I headed up to Lockett Meadow to see what I could find in hopes of the clouds being "just right" for an afternoon, evening image of Fall Colors. I started bushwhacking up a nearby peak but the clouds just kept filling in the top of the valley. The Peaks and their snow never did come out of hiding. The sun did however shine around the storm clouds and the north side of the San Francisco Peaks to skip across the cinder cones, Gray Mountain and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Earlier on my scramble up the rocky side the clouds did open up for a moment.



This burned tree trunk from a fire a few years ago looked like a Yeti took a couple of bites out of it.



And of course, there was an old Ent, telling all those young Aspen trees to bring on their color!


[email protected] (dmirvine photography) Arizona Cinder Cones dmirvinephotography Fall Colors Flagstaff Lockett Meadow San Francisco Peaks Sat, 13 Oct 2018 19:00:48 GMT
Emerald and Blue Emerald and BlueEmerald and BlueSun setting on the Colorado River near the Confluence of the Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I-phone and Lightroom cc

Sun setting on the Colorado River near the Confluence of the Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I-phone and Lightroom cc

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Evening at Supai Evening at SupaiEvening at SupaiThe last light as the sun sets on the rim of the Grand Canyon, high above the village of Supai.

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Facing East at sunrise It was a cold morning at 8 or so degrees. I finally got out to Lomaki to capture the sunrise with some snow on the San Francisco Peaks. I also experimented with a lens I have not used much, an old 24mm fixed. The clouds were few but the morning was a blessing. enjoy...


Facing East at SunriseFacing East at SunriseLomaki Pueblo with the San Francisco Peaks at sunrise on a cold February morning.

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The enchanting land of the Turquoise Water Turquoise Water SunsetTurquoise Water Sunset

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Welcoming Charles Latshaw to the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra photo by dmirvine photographyMaestro Charles LatshawThe new director of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra It has been an honor to work with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra over the past year as they selected a new director. Welcoming Charles Latshaw as he directs the Symphony tonight at 6:30pm, Ardrey Auditorium - be there, you will not want to miss it.


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"Remoteness of People and Place" - at "Fifteen By Flagstaff" Story telling - 15 images, 30 seconds per image

Remoteness of People and Place

I will be one of five presenters this Thursday evening at Dark Sky Brewing on N. Beaver. This is part of the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival happenings here in Flagstaff. Something new and a bit vulnerable for me so come by and see if I crash into the depths of the abyss and burn or rise to the summits of people and place.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Dark Sky Brewing

FMFF Happy Hour at Dark Sky Brewery: "Fifteen By Flagstaff"

Join us as we host some of Flagstaff’s finest artists, and storytellers for the first Fifteen by Flagstaff Hosted by local filmmaker, Justin Clifton. Fifteen by Flagstaff is a fast paced slide presentation where presenters are challenged to share a story through exactly 15 slides with only 30 seconds per slide. Brevity is key as presenters are challenged to take the audience on a journey in only 7.5 minutes while providing a peek into their lives as we all enjoy a beverage and celebrate the diversity that makes Flagstaff a wonderful place to live

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Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival Art Show - 15 years strong         Ancient Portal

Ancient PortalAncient Portal



Hey everybody!

My images have been chosen to be displayed in the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 15th anniversary Art Show.

You can see them this First Friday February 3rd in Dark Sky Brewing on Beaver.


They will be up for two months.


Hope to see you there,



These are large prints, so come and stand in front of each, imagining you are right at that spot.       












         Standing Alone

Standing AloneStanding Alone
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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And morning begins a new day - the shadows flee


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Moon Wind Stone and Shadow Moon Wind and StoneRemote Canyon after bedtime

As the night wore on the clouds of another storm system moved in... 



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The Road Less Traveled


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2017 - The Year of Exploration I have decided that the new year is a good time to set out exploring places I have not been.

Let's make it happen...

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Wild Beauty Go visit the new show "Wild Beauty" at the Coconino County Center for the Arts in Flagstaff and see my image.


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Forgotten places I spent some time last week exploring out near the Little Colorado painted desert, Chinle formation, and found a place no longer lived in. Deana saw my photo, Faded Paint, and said it looks like a book cover. What story would this old truck tell?

These images are available on art paper which suits the vintage touch and subject matter.


Faded Paint

Faded Paint

Forgotten Places

Forgotten Places


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A few highlights from 2015 Surf's up at the North ShoreSunset at the North Shore Halieva Hawaii Narbona Panel in Canyon De ChellyThis image is in the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport 120 inches by 44 The San Fransisco Peaks on the edge of Colton CraterThe San Francisco Peaks from the north, with Colton Crater in the fore ground. This image is in the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport 120 inches by 44 Justin Rodgers at work Diamond - O team roping event

[email protected] (dmirvine photography) Arizona Flagstaff Hawaii north shore ocean sunset Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:55:58 GMT
High Country Conference Center and NAU Art Exhibit July 9th through October 5th 2015 Visit the High Country Conference Center to see two of my images. They will be on display with 14 other Northern Arizona Artists July 9th through October 5th.

There is an artists' reception July 9th 5-7 pm

Look for "Shedding Her Cape"and "Crazy Hair"



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Fly to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport! The City of Flagstaff has installed 12 huge photos at Pulliam Airport - two of them are mine, each is 44 inches by 216 inches in black and white.

One is of the San Francisco Peaks from the North side nestled on the rim of Colton Crater just outside of Flagstaff Arizona.

The San Francisco Peaks from the North
This image is displayed at the Flagstaff Pulliam airport in a trip tik 10 feet by three and a half feet.

This is not an 8x10 or 8x12 crop

The other is the a Pictograph Panel found in Canyon Del Muerto, the north branch of Canyon De Chelly. It depicts the Spanish Governor Narbona's 1805 raid into the canyon.

Narbona PanelNarbona PanelThis image is displayed at the Flagstaff Pulliam airport in a trip tik 10 feet by three and a half feet.

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Final mock up for my Photoshop Class web page All you Photoshop experts out there need not pay attention. As for me this is a milestone - pure magic. Images giving voice to the past, forgotten highways and busted up flying machines.

This afternoon I had Deana take a picture of me with my arm out the window of our vehicle so I could become the pilot of this vintage B-17. I also added a photo of my camera's lens in the engine cowling.

One of the young guys in the class saw my page from a few seats away and said: "What game is that? I definitely want to play it, whatever it is!"

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Photoshop fun, in Flagstaff Arizona - let the learning curve begin In order to actually learn how to use Photoshop, which is so much fun, and creative, I have been taking a Photoshop Class at Coconino County Community College taught by Tim Fox. Here is a fun play on a web site mock up with some images and ideas that I have been rolling around in my head.

The bomber is an image I took on our first visit to Hawaii a few months ago. It sits next to hanger #7 on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor's air museum.

The Route 66 shot is just west of Ashfork off of I-40 and is a nice way to get off of the main highway on your way to Seligman for ice cream at the Snow Cap.



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