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Very nice shots
Kyle Flosk(non-registered)
Very beautiful photo shoots!
Jason Todd Dejolie(non-registered)
You bet yer ass these pics are awesome.
Preston Trauscht(non-registered)
Your photography is great David! I always look forward to your posts!
Kayla Leist(non-registered)
I am wishing to view photos of Cowpunchers because I am a member and was in many events.
Liz See(non-registered)
Great photos David!
Not only do the quality of your photos make you a great photographer, but the openness and kindness that you have towards people of all kinds of cultural backgrounds makes you an even greater photographer! Best of luck my friend in your creative pursuits!
Frank Whitten(non-registered)
Once again a great job for ALLECA. This years 's camp was the first I have missed since I started with the program in 2003. My wife had some medical problems (cleared up now) which prevented me from making the opening day and the graduation. Hope I can make it next year and thanks again for a job well done.
Rick Johnson(non-registered)
Nice images, David!
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